Why Dancers Swear By Chiropractic Care

Dancing is a physically demanding sport commanding vital artistic flair. There are various injuries caused and chiropractic treatment can help the dancers treat their muscular stresses and at the same time help them in their routine stressful dance training. 

It is worth commending how dancers and performers are able to sustain the high physical and energy levels show after show. Dancers involve in moves that require significant flexibility, challenging the limits of power and endurance. Then one wonders don’t they suffer from injuries or health concerns like muscle pulls, sore backs and sore knees. If they do, does chiropractic care lay a solution to all these problems?Chiropractic Vancouver

Factors relating to Dance Injuries

Intrinsic risk factors include: Past medical history, dance experience, biomechanical imbalance and anatomical characteristics

Extrinsic risk factors include: Improper training, faulty technique, fatigue, stress and diet, flooring and footwear

Dancers commonly experience in the foot, the ankle, the hip, the knee and the back. Especially during landing and difficult jumps, a lower extremity injury challenges the dancers. Ones with low thigh strength levels are more prone to injuries in the lower extremity. As the male dancers have to lift man oeuvres, they can be prone to back or upper extremities injuries.

The Role of Chiropractors in the Life of a Dancer

Chiropractors are professionals who treat misalignments in the musculoskeletal system, particularly the spine. They usually employ pain free manual adjustments. Dancers often have unusual difficulties that are related to specific movement patterns which essential to perform their routines.

It is a challenging experience to treat dance injuries. At first an understanding of the complete history in terms of mechanism of injury, aggravating factors is important. Additionally a careful physical examination is needed for an accurate diagnosis and treatment and advice on return to performance.

A chiropractic expert must understand of bio-mechanics, movement patterns and functional anatomy helps them guide finding the true cause of the dancer’s disability, particularly with respect to overuse injuries.

With modern day tools such as the World Wide Web, it is possible for dancers to contact and make appointments with expert chiropractors within their locality at the click of their mouse.

Chiropractic Treatments and Dance – Cause and Context of Injury

Because dancing requires extremely demanding and repetitive moves that the dancers needs to perform, they risk suffering from many of the athletic injuries. Overdo muscular injuries that are associated with improper techniques and procedures are also common.

Because of the stress involved the body and the muscles can be strained and the bones can become misaligned. Research suggests that ballet is just behind football as the overall most demanding activity when considering neuromuscular and psychometric parameters.

Another aspect of physical performance to be linked with dancers is that of their involvement in overtraining and burnout sessions. There are many shows or performances wherein the dancers need to participate year – round undertakings. The same kind of choreography is performed every night throughout the production’s run. A rest period of three to four weeks after the end of a demanding run of shows has been related to return to fitness – associated parameters in all athletes and dancers.

Chiropractic treatment address and treats the skeletal and muscular stresses which helps the dancers to do what they best at – Dance. It not only to help dancers heal injuries but additionally to keep them well from the routine stressful dance training and performing

Supplementary exercise training not only helps improve fitness parameters and performance but also help reduce the incidences of injury. Additionally training doesn’t interfere with the dancer’s artistic or aesthetic requirements.